EBT Sand

EBT Sand, short for Eccentric Bottom Tapping Sand, is a refractory material that plays a significant role in maintaining the precision of steelmaking. EBS Sand is a heat-resistant lining that is strategically placed at the base of electric arc furnaces (EAFs) and holds a crucial position in the tapping process of molten steel. The eccentric design of the tapping hole allows for precise control of the steel flow into the ladle.

EBT Sand is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures generated within the EAFs. It provides exceptional thermal insulation, safeguarding the furnace’s bottom and walls from heat-induced damage. It also exhibits impressive resistance to erosion and corrosion caused by molten steel and slag flow during tapping. This specialized refractory material ensures the longevity of the furnace lining, reducing maintenance downtime.

The opening rate of EBT Sand is a critical consideration. It refers to the rate at which the sand erodes or is removed from the tapping hole. A balanced opening rate is essential for the furnace’s efficiency.

At Atiq Refractories Co., we understand the importance of EBS Sand in the steelmaking process. Our product is carefully engineered and designed to provide optimal performance, with a balanced erosion rate to suit your specific needs.

Contact our dedicated team for inquiries, technical data sheets, or to explore how EBT Sand can enhance your efficiency.

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