Magnesia Refractory Mixes and Tundish Plaster

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Magnesia-based refractory mixes and Tundish plasters have emerged as indispensable components, instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of critical steel manufacturing equipment. At Atiq Refractories Co., we are at the forefront of delivering these advanced solutions tailored to meet the exacting standards of the steel industry. These products are categorized by the application method, ensuring that they are fit for our customers’ demands.

With excellent thermal stability and remarkable resistance to the corrosive effects of molten steel and slag, our magnesia refractory mixes and Tundish plasters maintain structural integrity even under the most extreme temperature conditions. Our Tundish plasters are engineered for optimal flowability, ensuring seamless application and uniform coverage in the tundish.

Key Features: 

– High Purity Magnesia

– Corrosion Resistance

– Exceptional Thermal Stability

– Enhanced Flow Properties

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